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Snitch System Generator

The Snitch project is an open-source RISC-V hardware research project of ETH Zurich and University of Bologna targeting highest possible energy-efficiency. The system is designed around a versatile and small integer core, which we call Snitch. The system is ought to be highly parameterizable and suitable for many use-cases, ranging from small, control-only cores, to large many-core system made for pure number crunching in the HPC domain.

Getting Started

See our dedicated getting started guide.


The documentation is built from the latest master and hosted at github pages:

About this Repository

This repository is developed as a monorepo, external dependencies are "vendored-in" and checked in. Keeping it a monolithic repository helps to keep the hardware dependencies under control and enables precise snapshotting (invaluable when you are taping-out chips).


Snitch is being made available under permissive open source licenses. See the for a more detailed break-down.