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Snitch Cluster System

The Snitch cluster system (hw/system/snitch_cluster) is a fundamental system around a Snitch core. The cluster can be configured using a config file.

The configuration parameters are documented using JSON schema, and documentation is generated for the schema. The configuration options can be found here.

The cluster testbench simulates an infinite memory. The RISC-V ELF file is preloaded using RISC-V's Front-end Server (fesvr).

Getting Started

In hw/system/snicht_cluster:

  • Build the software:
    mkdir sw/build
    cd sw/build
    cmake ..
  • Compile the model for your simulator:

    make bin/snitch_cluster.vlt
    make bin/snitch_cluster.vsim
    make bin/snitch_cluster.vcs
  • Run a binary on the simulator:

    bin/snitch_cluster.vlt path/to/riscv/binary
    bin/snitch_cluster.vsim path/to/riscv/binary
    bin/snitch_cluster.vcs path/to/riscv/binary
  • Build the traces:

    make traces

Configure the Cluster

To configure the cluster with a different configuration, either edit the configuration files in the cfg folder or create a new configuration file and pass it to the Makefile:

make bin/snitch_cluster.vlt CFG=cfg/single-core.hjson

The default config is in cfg/cluster.default.hjson. Alternatively, you can also set your CFG environment variable, the Makefile will pick it up and override the standard config.