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Hive Description Schema

Configuration of a Hive

Abstract Extensible Status Identifiable Custom Properties Additional Properties Access Restrictions Defined In
Can be instantiated No Unknown status No Forbidden Allowed none snitch_cluster.schema.json*

items Type

object (Hive Description)

Hive Description Properties

Property Type Required Nullable Defined by
icache object Optional cannot be null Snitch Cluster Schema
cores array Optional cannot be null Snitch Cluster Schema


Detailed configuration of the current Hive's instruction cache.


icache Type

object (Hive's instruction cache configuration.)

icache Default Value

The default value is:

  "size": 8,
  "sets": 2,
  "cacheline": 128


List of all cores in the respective hive.


cores Type

object[] (Core Description)

cores Constraints

minimum number of items: the minimum number of items for this array is: 1